Norwich Street footbridge environmental assessment progress report, March 2017

Map of area of construction on the Norwich Street Bridge on Norwich Street East

The City of Guelph has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study for proposed improvements to the deteriorating Norwich Street Bridge. It’s currently closed to vehicle traffic and serves as a pedestrian crossing.

The study will address community needs through a number of possible solutions, including:

  1. Rehabilitation
  2. Replacement
  3. Removal
  4. A “do nothing” alternative that would result in the permanent closure of the bridge

The location and approximate extent of the study area are shown on the map.

Community engagement

An open house was held on September 21, 2016. Open house materials are available on the project page.

Progress report

The following progress report and associated appendices provide an update on work completed to date, and show a preliminary design for bridge improvements.

2 MBNorwich Street Bridge EA Progress Report, March 2017 3 MBNorwich Street footbridge EA Progress Report Appendix A Cultural Heritage Evaluation and Heritage Impact Assessment 3 MBNorwich Street footbridge EA Progress Report Appendix B Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment 10 MBNorwich Street footbridge EA Progress Report Appendix C Environmental Impact Study 3 MBDiagram of existing Norwich Street footbridge 8 MBDiagram of proposed Norwich Street footbridge

Footbridge designs in JPEG

Detailed design illustration of the existing Norwich Street footbridge

Existing footbridge design

Detailed design illustration for proposed changes to the Norwich Street footbridge

Proposed footbridge design