City starts 2017 Downtown Guelph Implementation Strategy process

Did you know it’s been five years since the Downtown Secondary Plan (DSP) was introduced?The DSP is Guelph’s transformative vision for downtown growth, now through 2031. Through responsible and creative planning, it supports continued downtown commercial and residential growth as well as creating more employment and cultural opportunities.

We’re proud of all the activity in Guelph’s downtown since 2012, and recognize there are many more projects and developments identified in the DSP that are still relevant and needed.

A new, 2017 Downtown Guelph Implementation Strategy is being developed that will focus the City’s activities for the next five to 10 years to see many of the remaining DSP projects realized. The following criteria will be used to identify priority projects for Council’s consideration.

  • Support the economic development of the downtown core
  • Are financially responsible
  • Contribute to excellence in urban design
  • Contribute to community and cultural benefits
  • Address capital asset management needs
  • Enhance and maintain health and safety requirements
  • Meet legislative and legal obligations
  • Support improved mobility and transportation access

Council workshops

As part of this work, City staff are holding a minimum of three Council workshops, see below for details and timing.

Council workshop #1 (February 16, 2017) – to establish criteria to prioritize downtown projects and directions.

Council workshop #2 (June 2017) – to review and refine the priority projects identified through the criteria developed in Workshop #1.

Council workshop #3 (September 2017) – to present and confirm the 2017 Downtown Guelph Implementation Strategy.

Community members can attend and provide feedback during Council workshops 2 and 3.

Financial and work planning implications

One of the main objectives of the 2017 Downtown Guelph Implementation Strategy will be to align departmental budgets, work plans and resources. It will also serve to leverage corporate finances with potential upper levels of government programs, private sector contributions and other funding sources.

An approved, funded strategy will provide additional confidence and momentum to the private sector to continue to invest in the redevelopment of Guelph’s downtown.

As discussed during the 2017 budget process, current estimates to complete the Downtown Secondary Plan are in the range of $200 million over a period of 10 plus years.


2017 Downtown Guelph Implementation Strategy – Work Planning – Council Workshop # 1 (presentation slides and staff report)

For more information

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Downtown Renewal
Business Development and Enterprise Services
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