Update on the Downey Road transportation improvement study

January 10, 2017

Downey Road Study MapThe City is planning improvements to Downey Road from Woodland Glen Drive to Teal Drive as part of efforts to implement the Council-approved Cycling Master Plan. Improvements will include the addition of bike lanes and traffic calming measures.

The City deferred the 2013 Downey Road repaving project to gather more community feedback after local residents expressed concerns about traffic speeds and community safety along Downey Road.

The City hired Paradigm Transportation Solutions Ltd. to conduct a thorough transportation study of Downey Road. The objectives of the study included assembling and reviewing transportation data for the Kortright Hills West community in order to:

  • Estimate the traffic implications for the road classification of Downey Road under various scenarios:
    • closing Downey Road to thru-traffic;
    • downgrading Downey Road classification to a local road;
    • and status quo (Downey Road as an arterial road).
  • Recommend the appropriate roadway classification of Downey Road in considering the role of Downey Road within both the neighbourhood and the greater community at large.
  • Propose options to reduce speeding and enhance the pedestrian and cyclist experience on Downey Road; for example, pedestrian refuge islands, on-street parking and other measures.
  • Engage the public throughout the study to collect their input and include them in the process.

Where we’re at

Community engagement

The City completed community engagement in 2016 as follows:

  • Two in-person workshops to review and comment on design concepts held May 18 and 19
  • Online feedback opportunity to provide comments on design concepts from May 26 to June 17
  • Two in-person workshops to evaluate proposed traffic calming features on June 23 and 28
  • Online feedback opportunity to provide comments on proposed traffic calming features from June 29 to July 13

Council approval

Paradigm Solution Ltd. used community feedback and data to compile a final report which was presented to Council in September (pages 90-126).

Council approved staff recommendations as follows:

  1. That Downey Road remain classified as an arterial roadway.
  2. That the preferred Downey Road traffic calming conceptual design as described in the report “Downey Road Transportation Improvement Study,” dated September 6, 2016, be approved, in principle, and that staff report back on alternative types of traffic controls at Downey Road and Niska intersection.
  3. That funds be allocated for a phased approach for design and construction options in the 2017 budget and forecast allowing staff to proceed to a detailed design and construction.

Budget approval

Council approved $300,000 for Downey Road improvements (page 71) in the 2017 tax-supported capital budget.

What’s next

The City is beginning detailed designs for the first phase of Downey Road improvement. The first phase will include pedestrian refuge islands, pavement marking updates, the addition of bike lanes, and a change to on-street parking on only one side of the road.

We expect to start improvement work in mid- to late summer.

Having your say

The City will present the proposed final design to the community at an open house, and will also be made available online following the open house. You will have an opportunity to make comments on and ask questions about the proposed design.

We will announce these opportunities:

We expect to host the open house in late spring or early summer.