Province clears Baker Street site where bone fragments found in October

Guelph, Ont., December, 12, 2016—The City received approval from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services to resume the Baker Street excavation where bone fragments were discovered in October. The excavation has been filled and the road has been fully reopened.

The City is working with its archeological consultant, Stantec, on the re-interment of the bones at Woodlawn Memorial Park.

The City completed the removal of the attendant booths in the Baker Street parking lot in November. No additional remains were found during this work. Archaeologists were on site throughout the booth removal in case any evidence of human remains were found during the work.

Paving and line painting were completed in the Baker Street lot, and on the street where the booths were removed. An additional 18 parking spaces in the lot and five on the street are now available. A guard rail will be installed later this month.


The City unearthed bone fragments from underneath Baker Street while turning off water to the Baker Street parking attendant booths on October 17. The water shut off for the booths is located beneath the road in a section of old tunnel that has been closed off on either side of the road.

Stantec completed an archeological assessment of the site in late October to determine the presence or absence of further unmarked grave shafts or human remains and any other cultural material at the site.

The City has found human remains on two separate occasions  in this area. The area served as an all-faith, public burying ground for Guelph from 1827 to 1853 when the Town of Guelph passed a new bylaw banning human burials within town limits. Records indicate that known graves were moved from the public burying ground to Woodlawn Memorial Park in later years.

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