November 28, 2016 – Council Agenda

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Monday, November 28, 2016 – 6:30 p.m
Council Chambers, Guelph City Hall, 1 Carden Street

Committee of the Whole Consent Reports:

(see November 7 Committee of the Whole Agenda for full reports)
  1. Living Wage Campaign
  2. 20,000 Homes Initiative
  3. COW-GOV-2016.1 2016-2018 Public Appointments to Advisory Boards and Committees
  4. COW-GOV-2016.3 2017 Council and Committee Meeting Schedule
  5. COW-GOV-2016.4 Chief Administrative Officer Employment Contract
  6. COW-GOV-2016.5 Proposed Framework for an Affordable Housing Financial Incentives Program
  7. Private Members Bill (46)
  8. COW-IDE-2016.11 Downtown Parking Items: Conclusion of Essex Street One Year Pilot and Updated Downtown On-street Temporary Use Policy
  9. COW-IDE-2016.4 Business Licensing By-law Review – Food Vehicle Schedule and Temporary Food Sales
  10. COW-IDE-2016.14 115 Dawn Avenue: Letter of Refusal for Tree Removal as per the City of Guelph Private Tree By-law
  11. COW-IDE-2016.15 Development Engineering Manual
  12. COW-IDE-2016.16 Subdivision Construction – Process Change
  13. COW-CS-2016.6 Reserve and Reserve Fund Consolidation and Policy

Council Consent Agenda

  1. CON-2016.62 City of Guelph’s Submission to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Regarding Ontario’s Water-Taking Regulations

Items for Discussion

  1. CON-2016.63 City-initiated Official Plan Amendment (OP1603) – Proposed revision to the Downtown Zoning By-law Amendment (ZC1612) as it pertains to 75 Dublin Street North

Notice of Motion

Notice of motion provided by Mayor Guthrie

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