Active Transportation Network study update, November 2016

Picture of a couple cycling on Guelph trailsThe Active Transportation Network Study includes the development of design guidelines and a feasibility study. Together, these pieces will inform future upgrades of the City’s network of trails to improve connectivity for active forms of transportation such as walking, running, cycling and inline skating. Design guidelines will consider what upgrades would look like in different environments such as woodlands, wetlands, city parks and road boulevards.

The feasibility study will determine which trails are best suited for upgrades as well as the estimated construction and maintenance costs of changes recommended by the design guidelines.

Where we’re at

Staff have reviewed the draft version of final report and have provided comments back to the consultants, MMM Group Ltd. and Paradigm Transportation Solutions Ltd.

Next steps

Consultants are finalizing the report which will include financial cost estimates and phasing suggestions.


City staff plan to share the report with Council and the community in early 2017.

For more information

Jennifer Juste, Transportation Demand Management Coordinator
Transportation Services
519-822-1260 extension 2791
[email protected]