Foundation work continues on east and west wing additions

The three year renovation and expansion of Guelph Police Service’s headquarters is underway. Here is a summary of the work as of September 30, 2016.

What’s happening

  • 80% of the existing floor in the garage has been removed
  • Backfilling of east wing foundation walls addition underway
  • Installation of radon vertical stack at east wing
  • Waterproofing of west wing addition foundation walls
  • Installation of rebar in the staircase in the west wing shear wall is 80% complete
  • Two columns in west staircase have been poured
  • Information Technology (IT) closet framed and boarded on one side
  • Third floor west wing corridor is 75% boarded
  • West wing second floor west corridor has been framed and boarded
  • Existing boiler lines removed from first and second floors, east side
  • Penthouse boiler piping and venting being installed
  • Hot water installed along with 50% of gas piping on the roof

Looking ahead

  • Backfill north side of east addition
  • Excavate for footings and walls along south side of east wing, install footings
  • Install storm sewer to the east side
  • Complete waterproofing to west wing lagging
  • Complete bedrock removal
  • Form and place rebar to west wing foundation walls
  • Install new water main
  • Continue installation of electrical conduits
  • Install heating lines to first and second floors of west wing
  • Install heat pumps on east side and hangers for heating lines
  • Remove existing hot water tank

construction site