Demolition and construction continues on police headquarters renovation

The three year renovation and expansion of Guelph Police Service’s headquarters is underway. Here’s a summary of the work as of September 2, 2016.

What’s happening

  • Transformers and switch gear installed in electrical room. Emergency transfer switch received.
  • Panels installed on east and west wing (second and third floor) renovation.
  • Coring complete for electrical, mechanical and sprinkler main risers.
  • Mechanical pipe hangers, water line and sprinkler mains installed on the third floor west wing corridor.
  • Spray fireproofing of the west wing.
  • Rock excavation on west side (former parking lot) 70% complete. Bedrock removal for footings for northwest side complete.
  • Rebar for west wing addition on site.
  • Grade beams and footings poured on west side.
  • East side foundation walls of men’s locker room, 70% poured and stripped.
  • Boilers, pumps, and expansion tanks placed on housekeeping pads in the mechanical penthouse.
  • Demolition of sprinkler line in garage complete, ceiling removal underway.

Looking ahead

  • Remaining foundation walls of men’s locker room to be poured and stripped.
  • Waterproofing of east side foundation wall and backfilling.
  • Backfilling of grade beams at southeast corner of west wing addition.
  • Ceilings and slab-on-grade (foundation) demolition in GPS garage to continue.
  • West wing footings and foundation walls to be poured and formed.
  • Ongoing mechanical and electrical rough-in.