Guelph supports redevelopment of contaminated sites

City releases development guidelines

Guelph, Ont., July 26, 2016–Guelph is taking action to support the redevelopment of properties that are suspected or known to have some environmental contamination.

“We’re updating our process to make development of contaminated or potentially contaminated properties more efficient,” said Terry Gayman, manager infrastructure, development and environmental engineering for the City of Guelph.

Guelph released new guidelines for development of contaminated or potentially contaminated sites to help developers restore the sites according to provincial and/or municipal regulations, current industry standards and best management practices.

The City is using the guidelines to:

  • Protect the City’s water resources
  • Ensure the condition of the land is appropriate for the proposed use
  • Avoid inappropriate restrictions on land use
  • Identify the need for site remediation/risk assessment and a record of site condition as early as possible in the development review process
  • Ensure lands being conveyed to the City meet applicable environmental or risk-based standards, do not represent a financial liability to the City, and that changes to land use will not pose or increase risk to the human health or the environment
  • Clarify the process for people submitting and reviewing development applications

“Cities that encourage brownfield redevelopment typically experience environmental, economic and social benefits,” adds Mr. Gayman. “Once these properties are redeveloped they become more attractive, they increase in value and become part of a healthier, more vibrant community.”


For more information

Terry Gayman, Manager
Infrastructure, Development and Environmental Engineering
519-822-1260 extension 2369