Food Vehicle Zoning Bylaw update

Council approved an update to the zoning bylaw on September 12, 2016 to permit the operation of food vehicles throughout areas in Guelph that were previously off limits, such as park, commercial, industrial and institutional zones.

Food vehicles include food trucks, ice cream trucks, food trailers and food carts.

The approved Zoning Bylaw:

  • Includes a definition for food vehicles
  • Allows food vehicles to operate in some zones
  • Regulates the location of food vehicles on a property

A review of the Zoning Bylaw is part of a multi-departmental project to allow food vehicles to operate in Guelph. This includes a review of the Business Licensing Bylaw and the initiation of the Downtown food truck summer pilot project.

Background materials

11.2 MBFood Vehicles: Proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment (ZC16-10) – September 12, 2016 Staff Report

804 kBFood Vehicle Zoning Bylaw Update Review Discussion Paper – July 2016

The discussion paper includes:

  • Background information on the food vehicle project;
  • Policy context (current Zoning Bylaw and minor variances);
  • Review of other municipal practices;
  • Zoning options for definitions, permitted zones and general provisions (including analysis of options); and
  • Recommended revisions to the Zoning Bylaw.


22 MBOpen House Boards – May 17, 2016

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