Excavation and demolition almost complete at police headquarters

The three year renovation and expansion of Guelph Police Service’s headquarters is underway. Below is a summary of the work as of July 5, 2016.

What’s happening

  • Excavation of east wing addition 90% complete
  • Steel piles for the shoring system are being installed to support the perimeter of the excavation
  • New transformer and power transferred, old transformer de-energized
  • Drywall framing in west and east wings underway in existing building
  • Underground plumbing started in men’s locker room
  • Demolition work of exterior and interior walls, ceilings, mechanical, and electrical systems and equipment is 80% complete

Looking ahead

  • Shoring—steel piles and a wood lagging system—completed to support the perimeter of the excavation while the new foundations are installed
  • Old transformer removed
  • East formwork foundation
  • West foundation near walkway
  • Decommission and remove heating and cooling lines in construction zones
  • Electrical rough-in in new walls