Council appoints risk management staff to protect Guelph’s drinking water

Source water protection policies take effect July 1

Guelph, Ont., May 30, 2016—Council has officially appointed Guelph’s Risk Management Official (RMO) and Risk Management Inspector (RMI). These position appointments will ensure Guelph continues to deliver safe, reliable drinking water.

Council appointed Peter Rider, registered Professional Geoscientist, as the City’s RMO, and Prasoon Adhikari, registered Professional Engineer and the City’s Environmental Engineer, as RMI. RMOs and RMIs have the authority under the Clean Water Act to implement and enforce Source Protection Plan (SPP) policies that protect local drinking water sources for the municipality they are appointed in under.

Source water protection in Guelph

Source Protection Plans are provincially legislated. The City of Guelph source protection policies are included in the Lake Erie Source Protection Region SPP, which was approved by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change on November 26, 2015. Guelph’s policies will come into effect on July 1, 2016.

“Guelph is unique from most Ontario municipalities because almost all of our city is part of a source water protection area,” noted Rider. “Guelph’s water supply comes from underground, with wells in and around the city, and everyone has a role to play in protecting the city’s water supply.”

For many residents, Guelph’s source water protection policies will simply mean continued access to safe, reliable water. For others, such as private and public landowners who handle, store or apply materials that could pose a threat to municipal drinking water sources, changes may be required to comply with related policies, and Risk Management Plans may need to be developed. Compliance with policies could mean changes in operations, or changes to how and where certain materials are used or stored.

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