Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative Update gets green light

Community participation and ownership integral to CEI’s future success

Guelph, Ont., April 27, 2016 – Council unanimously approved the City’s proposed process to update Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative (CEI) on Monday evening.

“The City has learned a lot about the value of sustainable energy and its role in Guelph’s long-term ability to prosper since the Community Energy Plan was developed in 2007,” said Rob Kerr, the City’s Community Energy Manager. “The updated CEI will reflect what we know now and re-establish the CEI as a community-led initiative by engaging the community to reaffirm Guelph’s energy priorities and lead future success.”

The CEI Update will also include metrics to track and report  progress on the initiative’s defined targets, reflect recent federal and provincial policy requirements, and incorporate municipal best practices and up-to-date energy market research.

The City will apply for funding grants for at least half of the $150,000 cost of the project from the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Municipal Energy Plan Program and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Funds. The remaining expenses will be covered by the City’s existing Community Energy budget.

The CEI Update will take just under a year to complete and is expected to go before Council at the end of March 2017. Regular progress reports to Council are planned for July, September, November and January.

If the application for external funding is unsuccessful, the update will be put on hold and the cost will be brought forward for Council’s consideration through the City’s 2017 budget process.

About the CEI

The Community Energy Initiative (CEI) is Guelph’s renowned 25-year plan to use 50 per cent less energy per capita and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent per capita. It set the bar for similar municipal initiatives across Canada and established Guelph as a leader in community-based energy conservation.

For more information

Rob Kerr,
Manager, Community Energy Strategy
Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services
519-822-1260 extension 2079
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