Council to consider new governance structure

Guelph, Ont., March 24, 2016 – On April 7, the City’s Governance Committee will discuss a proposed meeting structure change that could move Council into a Committee-of-the-Whole governance model. The recommendation will then be heard and discussed by Council on April 25.

After some Councillors raised the idea of a new governance model during the Meeting Management Review process, City staff conducted a review of governance models across comparator municipalities. Staff is recommending that Council adopt a Committee-of-the-Whole governance model, eliminating a number of standing committees.

Under the proposed model, all Councillors would sit as one committee allowing all members to participate in agenda item discussions, address delegations and staff, and vote on decisions while an item is at the committee stage. Under the current structure, only Council members who sit on the standing committee can fully participate.

The proposed model streamlines the process by reducing the number of meetings, provides a set meeting schedule, and allows delegates to address all Council members at one committee meeting.

If approved by Council on April 25, staff intends to provide a detailed implementation plan to Council in June, which would provide steps to have the new model in place for September.

Have your say

Residents are invited to review the Committee-of-the-Whole governance model staff report, available on, and bring their comments to Committee on April 7 and/or Council on April 25.

For the April 7 Governance Committee meeting, written submissions must be received by Friday, April 1 at 9 a.m. Individuals wishing to delegate to Committee in-person must register by Thursday, April 7 at 11 a.m.

For the April 25 Council Meeting, all delegation requests and written submissions must be received by Friday, April 22 at 9 a.m.

Visit for additional information on delegations.

For more information

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