City tests LED street lights

Energy efficient, low maintenance LED street lights can save Guelph $750K annually

Guelph, Ont., January 18, 2016–The City and Guelph Hydro are testing a number of LED options on residential Guelph streets to determine the best energy efficient alternative to the City’s current high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights.

“The City is in a position to save about 50 per cent of its 13,000 street lights’ energy use, about $750 thousand dollars in annual cost savings, by switching out Guelph’s HPS  street lights with LEDs,” said Alex Chapman, the City’s program manager of Corporate Energy. “LED lights last longer, use much less electricity, require less maintenance and provide better illumination than the HPS lights we’re currently using.”

During the test period, which runs until March, the City will consider a number of factors, including cost, energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, long-term technology compatibility and the community’s preferences. The results will be used to recommend the most beneficial LED option for illuminating all city streets to the Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Committee this spring.

Many other municipalities including Calgary, Mississauga, Guelph-Eramosa Township, London and Barrie  are in the process of switching to LED street lights.

A city-wide transition to LED street lights could start as early as this fall, if City staff recommendations are approved at the Infrastructure Development and Enterprise Committee and City Council.

This project supports the City’s Corporate Energy Strategic Business Plan, which aims to reduce the City’s energy costs by increasing energy productivity, improving the management of energy commodities, and generating on-site renewable energy at City facilities.

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