Council approves changes to Guelph Junction Railway governance

Greater City support and oversight to grow local rail asset

Guelph, ON, November 9, 2015 – Tonight, Council approved governance changes to the City’s oldest asset, the Guelph Junction Railway (GJR), to align it with the City’s strategic directions, manage risk and grow the railway’s economic value.

The railway’s governance structure now includes a City management team to support GJR’s smaller board of directors with legal, finance, and business development staff resources. The management team includes chief executive officer, Peter Cartwright; treasurer/chief financial officer, Tara Baker; and corporate secretary/legal Donna Jaques. Learn more about the new governance structure.

“Guelph Junction Railway is a unique asset with the potential to attract new businesses looking for a local connection to the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways,” said Peter Cartwright, the City’s general manager of Business Development and Enterprise. “The potential demand for railway transportation is growing as highway traffic congestion increases, which presents a variety of economic opportunities for GJR.” 

“Rail, like all transportation services, is subject to a variety of risks. The City is accountable for GJR and, with Council’s approval, is increasing its oversight to ensure this asset’s risks are well managed,” said Donna Jaques, the City’s solicitor.

The GJR volunteer board of directors will continue to provide strategic governance and direction to City staff to achieve the railway’s objectives.

Council appointed Ian Brown as the chair of the board of directors, replacing David Jennison who served on the board for the past eight years.

“Council appreciates and recognizes Mr. Jennison and the three other resigning members of the board—Stephen Host, David Clarke, and John Kelly—for their valuable contributions to GJR’s well-run operations,” said Mayor Guthrie.

The local railway’s annual net profit, about $200,000, is used to maintain and improve the rail line for safe operations and compliance with Transportation Canada regulations.

About GJR

Guelph Junction Railway (GJR) was established in 1886 by a Special Act of the federal government to foster economic growth in Guelph and the surrounding communities. The City of Guelph has owned the railway since 1908. GJR operates on 38.6 kilometres of track that runs from Guelph Junction near Campbellville, Ontario to Guelph’s northwest industrial park. GJR connects with the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian National Railway. Read more at

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