City to take a close look at Guelph’s waste

City-wide waste audit to start this month

Guelph, ON, October 15, 2015 – In the coming weeks, the City will begin an audit of Guelph’s curbside waste—organic material, recyclables and garbage—from randomly selected properties throughout the city.

“The audit’s in-depth findings will tell us specifically what waste is being generated and how much of it, along with what is being incorrectly sorted,” said Heather Connell, the City’s manager of integrated services at Solid Waste Resources. “This research will provide baseline information to measure our waste programs’ future success and inform new waste collection and diversion programs and strategies.”

The collected curbside waste as well as the contents of the bins at the Waste Resource Innovation Centre’s public drop off will be sorted by material type, weighed and documented by a third-party contractor, Green for Life Environmental (GFL). The waste audit process will be repeated this winter and next spring and summer.

“This type of research is most insightful when current behaviours are unbiased, which is why we’re not sharing the collection dates or locations publically,” adds Connell.

The four season waste audit is one of the Council-endorsed recommendations of the 2014 Solid Waste Management Master Plan—the City’s waste minimization and diversion strategy for the next 20 years.

For more information about the audit, Guelph residents can contact Solid Waste Resources at 519-767-0598 or

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Heather Connell
Manager, Integrated Services
Solid Waste Resources
519-822-1260  extension 2082