City and firefighters continue negotiations May 12

Guelph, ON, May 11, 2015—The City of Guelph and the Guelph Professional Firefighters’ Association (GPFFA) met today, and will continue contract negotiations tomorrow.

Negotiations began on Friday, February 27. The bargaining teams have exchanged proposals and participated in negotiation meetings on March 5, 6, 10, and 11.

“Guelph firefighters deserve to be paid well for performing services that help keep our community safe,” said David Godwaldt, the City’s general manager of human resources. “We’re working toward an agreement that is fair for Guelph firefighters, is consistent with settlements with other unionized employee groups and considers the impact on taxes, other city services and the community as a whole.”

Guelph Fire and Emergency Services will not be affected or disrupted during contract negotiations. Updates and related media coverage will be posted at


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David Godwaldt
General Manager, Human Resources
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