Site work to begin at 0 Paisley Road

Partial tree removal and grading expected to begin this spring

Guelph, ON, March 10, 2015 – The City will issue tree and site alteration permits allowing the property owner to begin tree removal and grading at 0 Paisley Road.

An agreement reached between the property owner and the City permits certain treed portions of the site to be preserved, while other treed portions are cleared and graded. The agreement meets the overall intent of the City’s Official Plan as it relates to the Natural Heritage System and supports the City’s Urban Forest Management Plan. The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) approved this settlement on March 6, 2015.

“The City takes great care to protect ecological areas with all development projects,” explains Todd Salter, general manager, Planning Services. “City staff have been working with the property owner to allow for development consistent with the current medium-density residential zoning while at the same time providing protection of natural heritage features on the site; a balanced approach.”

To prepare the site for future development, the property owner will remove approximately 1,700 trees from the site before migratory birds begin nesting in the area this spring. When the project is complete, more than 1,300 trees and 550 shrubs will be added on site. This will result in a larger area to contribute to the City’s canopy cover over the long-term than the area originally identified through the Natural Heritage System.

“Compensation for tree removal on the site will include the preservation of a Cultural Woodland, in combination with tree screening areas,” adds Salter. “This will result in approximately 2.1 hectares of treed area on the property, which will contribute to the City’s canopy cover over the long-term.”

The City and property owner are working together to:

  • Protect an identified Cultural Woodland feature as a Natural Area,
  • Compensate for tree removal, including replacement plantings, woodland management (i.e. invasive species management), and payment for plantings on other properties within the city, and
  • Use plantings within the Cultural Woodland to support the succession of the woodland over time and the re-establishment of the woodland edge.

0 Paisley Road was zoned for residential medium density development since 1986, as R.4 Apartment Zone, with portions of the site remaining in a naturalized treed condition. The City’s Natural Heritage System (OPA 42) designated a portion of the site corresponding to the natural treed area as “Natural Area”.

There are currently no active development applications on the property. In order to proceed with development under the current Zoning, a site plan would be required.

The site is located in Guelph’s west end, along the south side of Paisley Road between Whitelaw Road and Elmira Road.

For more information

Todd Salter, General Manager
Planning Services
519-822-1260 extension 2395