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2015 Guelph Hackathon winners announced

Guelph, ON, March 11, 2015 – The City of Guelph’s second Open Guelph Hackathon came to close on March 1 with nine apps submitted to enhance City services.

Teams were given one week to develop an app based on one of four themes. Unlike the City’s previous Hackathon, this year’s event was an ‘at home’ contest, with submissions made online.

After two days of in-person and internet-based presentations, and much deliberation, the judges selected their top three apps based on functionality, intuitiveness and impact.

And the winners are…

In third place: team Waste Nots (Adam Doan, Craig Hyatt and Randy Oldham) with their app Waste Sorter.

In second place: team AlphaDelta (Abdul Hamdy and Andrew Warkentin) with their app Green Guelph.

Both the Waste Sorter and Green Guelph apps will help residents identify which items go in which bin, and helps build a ‘waste inventory’ by allowing residents to report items not currently listed.

In first place: team Midnight Illusions Ltd. (Jason Bavington, James Buckley and Victor Janjic) with their Adopt-a-Bus Stop app. Similar to Adopt-a-Road programs, this app will allow residents to adopt a bus stop, identify bus stop amenities, submit photos and assist the City with managing its bus stop amenity inventory.

“The benefits of these Hackathons do not end here,” says Blair Labelle, general manager, Technology and Innovation. “We are now looking at developing an ‘app inventory’ on, which will allow residents to download any of the apps created through the 2014 and 2015 Hackathons.”

While still in development, the ‘app inventory’ is expected to grow over time. It will begin with the Hackathon submissions but the City envisions opening it up to any app that improves City services for residents.

“Our community has demonstrated an interest in being a part of local government by developing apps to assist others in our community. The City is excited to be able to provide the platform for this continued collaboration,” says Labelle.

Thank you to Mayor Cam Guthrie and guest judge Brett M. Bickerton, president, MERAK Systems Corporation who joined City staff Blair Labelle, Information Technology; Chad Scott, Solid Waste Resources; and Christine Warne, Guelph Transit on the judging panel.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners at the Monday, March 23 Council Meeting.

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Blair Labelle, General Manager, Technology and Innovation
Information Technology
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