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Guelph considers cost of licensing rental housing

Committee to review cost benefit analysis on July 15 GUELPH, ON, July 8, 2013 – Community members are invited to participate as Guelph’s Planning, Building Engineering and Environment Committee considers options for the City to license rental housing. A report showing how a licensing program could be financed will be presented to the committee on Monday, July 15. The City is working to determine if, in addition to enforcing existing by-laws, and community education programs, a licensing program could help increase the health, safety, and well-being of tenants, and reduce disruptive behaviour, and destabilization of neighbourhoods with high concentrations of rental housing. “We’re committed to working with property owners, landlords, tenants and other community members to create and maintain vibrant neighbourhoods for all residents to… Continue reading Guelph considers cost of licensing rental housing