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Changes coming to parts of guelph.ca

Starting at the end of April, parts of guelph.ca will be updated and re-organized. These webpage changes will make it easier for online users to find, understand and participate in planning and development decisions. Development application instructions will be clearly laid out, and related documents will be grouped together. Webpages will be organized by subject— not by department—so you can search the site, and find what you need without worrying about which City department it comes from. These preliminary website updates are the first phase of many improvements being made on the City’s website. Like any web update, there may be a few bumps and broken links along the way. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give these easy steps a try: Use the search… Continue reading Changes coming to parts of guelph.ca

2015 Integrated Operational Review (IOR) Update

Introducing the first Integrated Operational Review (IOR) update of 2015 and summary of key IOR initiatives and events. A focused approach One of the immediate priorities identified as part of IOR implementation, in summer 2014, was the mapping of all development approval processes (DAPs). Since fall 2014, City staff mapped all DAPs and identified opportunities for process enhancements. By using DAPs as the foundational building block for IOR, subsequent priorities such as implementing the mandatory Pre-consultation Process and establishing the Development Review Committee can be put into action and become solid testing grounds for the revised DAPs. Goals for 2015 These four goals focus on IOR implementation. Goal 1: Complete process mapping for DAPs, formalize process enhancement recommendations and begin implementation (January-June 2015) Goal 2:… Continue reading 2015 Integrated Operational Review (IOR) Update