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City and Envida recoup costs for proposed district energy system

Guelph, Ont., January 9, 2017 – City staff have been busy negotiating changes to agreements related to the Hanlon Creek Business Park and the Downtown District Energy Nodes since City Council directed them to do so last July. The City worked with the Independent Electricity System Operator and Envida Community Energy Inc. to cancel contracts to deliver two 10 megawatt combined heat and power systems in Guelph with no penalties. The City of Guelph helped facilitate amending agreements which—together—result in: the full return of security deposits to Envida, valued at $612,000; Envida avoiding paying $60 million for once-planned district energy infrastructure; and realizing the full projected revenue of close to $1.3 million for 3.74 acres of City-owned property in the Hanlon Creek Business Park. “This… Continue reading City and Envida recoup costs for proposed district energy system

Update on Guelph’s existing district energy system

Guelph, Ont., July 18, 2016 – Guelph’s existing district energy nodes in the downtown core and Hanlon Creek Business Park will continue to operate with no further expansions at this time, as directed by Council this evening. The financial and technical performance of the existing nodes was evaluated by Deloitte and FVB Energy Inc. to develop a business case for the future direction of district energy in Guelph. The business case outlined three options: exit the current investments; operate the current nodes as is; and preserve the opportunity for growth. Council supported Deloitte’s recommendations to operate the nodes as contractually agreed and explore system efficiencies through the development of a district energy business development strategy. These recommendations do not require capital investment and fall under… Continue reading Update on Guelph’s existing district energy system