Summer transit service changes, effective May 7, 2017

We’re changing to get you on board

Putting buses when and where you need them

Summer service changes

During the summer, Guelph Transit will run on a 30-minute frequency on all routes, throughout the day, for each day of the week, except holidays.

Summer service provides passengers with access to Guelph Transit’s base level service, which excludes the university express routes (Routes 50, 56, 57, 58).

The university express routes do not run in the summer because there are fewer university students during the summer months. Within the budget for 2017, Guelph Transit has maintained the same level of summer service for May through August 2017 as the summer service that was provided for July and August 2016; extra buses have been scheduled where needed to ensure that passengers are able to make transfers at transit terminals.

Effective May 7 through September 2, 2017, transit service will operate on a 30-minute, all-day frequency on all routes, seven days a week.

To help passengers make it to a transit terminal in time to transfer to another route, extra buses have been added into the schedule where needed. Schedules will clearly indicate which bus passengers should take if they want to ensure that they can make their transfer.

Additional buses have been built into the weekday schedules for the following routes during certain times of the day:

  • Route 2A (during the afternoon only)
  • Route 2B (during the morning and afternoon)
  • Route 3A/B (during the morning and afternoon)
  • Route 5 (during the morning and afternoon)
  • Route 8 (during the midday and afternoon)
  • Route 9 (during the morning and afternoon)
  • Route 10 (during the morning and afternoon)
  • Route 11 (during the morning and afternoon)
  • Route 12 (during the morning and afternoon)
  • Route 13 (during the morning, midday and afternoon)