Detour: Route 4 York, June 27 to December 31, 2017

Route 4 York will be on detour from June 27 to December 31 as a result of the Neeve Street closure

Outbound: Continue on Wellington Road, left on Wyndham Street continue on to York Road and continue on current route.

Inbound: Continue from York on to Wyndham, right on Wellington and continue on route

Stops that will not be in service

  • Neeve at Ontario eastbound, Stop number 401.
  • Ontario at Manitoba eastbound, Stop number 402.
  • Ontario at Wood eastbound, Stop number 403.
  • Ontario at York eastbound, Stop number 404.
  • Ontario at Huron westbound, Stop number 427.
  • Ontario at Manitoba westbound, Stop number 428.
  • Ontario at Neeve westbound, Stop number 429.

Temporary stops

  • York at Ontario eastbound and westbound.
  • Wellington at Neeve eastbound and westbound.