Detour: Route 3A/B East Loop and 5A Gordon, May 18, 2014

Route 3A/B East Loop and 5A Gordon have been detoured temporarily as a result of unexpected traffic delays along Victoria Road South, between College Avenue and Stone Road East. Several stops along the Route 3A/B East Loop will be out of service.

Route 3A/B will travel on Watson Parkway and Stone Road – there will be no service on Victoria Road and York Road.  All Route 3A/B bus stops along York Road and Victoria Road South will be out of service. Passengers are advised to take Route 4 York Road to Guelph Central Station where they can connect to Route 3A/B East Loop.

Route 5A Gordon will depart the University Centre, travelling along Stone Road East to Victoria Road South where it will continue on regular route. All stops along the route will remain in service.