Detour: Route 12 General Hospital, May 29 – June 5

Construction is planned for the intersection of Metcalfe Street and Speedvale Avenue east, resulting in a detour for Route 12 General Hospital from May 29 to June 5.

Outbound: Regular route.

Inbound: Continue on Waverley Drive, turning left on Clive Avenue, right on Speedvale Avenue East, left on Delhi Street and continue on regular route.

The following stops will not be in service:

  • Metcalfe Street at Waverley Drive, stop 1217
  • Metcalfe Street at Shaftesbury Avenue, stop 1218
  • Metcalfe Street at Speedvale Avenue, stop 1219
  • Speedvale Avenue at Clive Avenue, stop 1220

A list of temporary stop locations will be posted soon.