Spring Watermain Cleaning Program

The Spring 2014 Watermain Cleaning Program is now complete
Thank you for your cooperation throughout program delivery.

To reduce the likelihood of customers experiencing discoloured or brown water, Guelph Water Services is completing the spring component of its watermain cleaning. The program begins Monday, April 21 and will end on the targeted completion date of Friday, May 16. Watermain cleaning will take place weekdays between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Customers may experience discoloured water during the cleaning process.

Discoloured water results when iron and manganese, minerals that are naturally present in Guelph’s groundwater, combine with chlorine to form small rust particles or flakes. The chlorine Guelph is required to add to its groundwater aggravates this situation. Iron sediment normally settles on the bottom of the City’s watermain piping, but can be disturbed during system maintenance or during times of high water use to cause discoloured water.

The purpose of the watermain cleaning program is to remove accumulated sediment from the City’s watermains. Customers connected to the watermain being cleaned and residents in the immediate area may experience discoloured water. This is a normal part of the cleaning program.

To minimize customer inconvenience, Water Services delivers notification letters to these affected customers prior to the beginning of cleaning activities. Occasionally, customers located outside the watermain cleaning area may also experience discoloured water. These instances of discoloured water may be due to the migration of discoloured water from one area of the distribution system to another and/or high water demand. If you experience discoloured water and have not been notified of watermain cleaning in your area, please contact Guelph Water Services at 519-837-5627 or waterservices@guelph.ca.

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