Guelph Wellbeing (2011 – 2014)

Guelph Wellbeing

Guelph Wellbeing as a defined initiative wrapped up in December 2014. Tracking community-wide wellbeing indicators, making progress on specific wellbeing priorities at a community level, and advocating to other levels of government to engage in coordinated efforts to promote widespread wellbeing remain critical and will continue. Guelph remains a community committed to pursuing wellbeing in ways that are collaborative, effective and reflective of community aspirations.

Guelph’s Community Wellbeing Initiative was initiated in 2011 with anticipated outcomes that included a Community Wellbeing Plan that would:

  • unite and engage the community around a shared vision of wellbeing
  • forge a stronger relationship between the City and the community through a new model of civic engagement
  • increase the effectiveness of service delivery
  • provide a platform for proactive advocacy with other levels of government
  • support innovative partnerships committed to community-wide wellbeing

The initiative was guided by a Leadership Group representing multiple community sectors and led by Mayor Karen Farbridge. It was rooted in a Collective Impact approach and aligned with the Canadian Index of Wellbeing.

Guelph Wellbeing made a positive contribution to the quality of life in Guelph, informed many City strategies and enhanced the City’s reputation as an innovative municipal leader. It made notable strides in the area of City/community engagement, innovation and measurement of social indicators. It catalyzed the development of other collaborative activities throughout the city. Specifically, Guelph Wellbeing supported key actions within the areas of: affordable housing, food security and physical and social connectivity. Its successes were recognized well beyond Guelph’s boundaries.

Guelph Wellbeing also highlighted the challenges inherent in managing a city-wide, complex, long-term project, particularly in the areas of communication, shared measurement systems, agreement on shared action steps and sustainability.


221 kBGuelph Wellbeing Final Report 3 MBAffordable Housing Report 3 MBFood Security in Guelph 3 MBPhysical Connectivity in Guelph 3 MBSocial Connectivity in Guelph

Documents archive

151 kBGuelph Wellbeing – Wheel of Involvement 2 MBWorkshop Guide For Community Groups – June 2012 1 MBDo It Yourself Guidebook – July 2012 556 kBFrequently Asked Questions – July 2012 562 kBCommunity Voices – Guelph Community Wellbeing Initiative – July 2012 372 kBA Profile of the Wellbeing of Guelph Residents – September 2012 2 MBWard 1 Conversation – September 2012 3 MBGuelph Wellbeing Forum Report – October 2012 145 kBLeadership Group Terms of Reference – November 2013 356 kBGuelph Wellbeing – Relationships Technical Report – December 2012 416 kBStakeholder Survey Summary – January 2015

Mayor Farbridge’s address to the Rotary Club about Guelph Wellbeing

September 27, 2013

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