2012-16 Corporate Strategic Plan

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The corporate strategic plan aligns the City’s vision and strategy and establishes the foundation for aligning our resources. It clarifies focus, provides direction and establishes a way for us to measure our success.

Vision, Mission and Values

The vision remains true to Guelph’s 2007-10 community strategic plan.

Vision: to be the City that makes a difference… acting locally and globally to improve the lives of residents, the broader community and the world.

The mission statement in the corporate strategic plan is new and is designed to more concretely and accurately communicate the purpose of the corporation. The new statement was created in collaboration with Council, the Executive Team and the Direct Report Leadership Team.

Mission: to build an exceptional City by providing outstanding municipal service and value.

The corporate values of integrity, excellence and wellness remain as the cornerstone of the plan.

Values: Integrity, Excellence and Wellness

Three strategic focus areas

The corporate strategic plan includes three areas of strategic focus for 2012-16:

  1. Organizational Excellence
  2. Innovation in Local Government
  3. City Building

Taken together, these focus areas create room for the organization to evolve and change. By focusing on these three areas, we can better manage community needs and expectations and be the City that makes a difference.

Nine strategic directions

Each of the strategic directions stem from critical issues and business imperatives which are in turn derived from an extensive review of current and emerging influences from political, environmental, social, technological, economic and legislative perspectives.

May 22, 2012 Strategic Plan Framework report May 22, 2012 Strategic Initiatives report

Strategic initiatives

The City has identified several initiatives for implementation this year, and will engage and consult employees to establish plans to implement additional strategic initiatives between 2013 and 2016.

June 2012 Strategic Initiatives Funding Report

Next Steps

Measurement and targets

To understand and communicate our success, the City has developed key indicators to demonstrate accountability and impact.

Corporate Strategic Plan Key Performance Indicators

Phase 1: Understanding our Current State

What do the numbers say?

Drawing on the perceptions of Council members fresh from campaign efforts, staff input, recent public input from 2010 engagement efforts, data from local organizations such as the United Way and Chamber of Commerce, and larger trends, a picture of our community’s current state begins to emerge.

What are residents saying?

Another key element in understanding the current environment is learning, from a representative sample of residents, what they expect, what change they are willing to support and what they believe the priorities of the City need to be over the next four years.

To that end, the City conducted a telephone survey with the help of Environics Research Group.

Community Survey Summary Results report Survey of Residents – April 2011

Phase 2: Revising the Strategic Plan Elements

New Draft Mission and Priority Goals

In May, 2011, City Council and the Executive Team held two key workshops to support the Strategic Plan Revision Process:

  1. May 9th – Council and the Executive Team met to discuss/reaffirm the corporate mission, vision and values. At that time, they indentified priority goal areas from which measureable objectives will be set with input from staff and the community. They also agreed to incorporate a Service Review component into the revision process.
  2. May 25th – Council and the Executive Team met to identify priority areas for Service Review work.

New SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely)

The development of SMART objectives is now underway with upcoming opportunities for community and staff input that will be well communicated.

The next Council and Executive Team workshop will be held in the fourth quarter of 2011. Once that date is confirmed, it too will be well communicated and open to all members of the public. A final report with all the Strategic Plan information for Council approval – vision, mission, values, goals, objectives and strategic initiatives is anticipated in 2011.

Frequently asked Questions

What’s happened to the 2007-10 strategic plan?

The aspirations of the Guelph community – as expressed in the 2007-10 strategic plan – continue to drive the City’s work today. Today’s corporate strategic plan builds on the 2007-10 plan and focuses on City-building driven by organizational excellence and innovation.

What’s today’s corporate strategic plan about?

The 2012-16 corporate strategic plan is about modernizing the way the City works and enabling the City to prosper today and in the years ahead by placing it on a foundation driven by organizational excellence and innovation. Each of the plan’s strategic initiatives are crucial to equipping City staff with modern tools and practices needed to deal with today’s economic, social and technological realities and the challenges ahead.

What does this mean for me as a resident of Guelph?

City-building through organizational excellence and innovation will lead to some fascinating changes for residents. For example, they’ll be able to use today’s technology to interact with us in real-time and be confident we’ll respond in a way that respects their voice in City decision-making.

Why is $1.1 million needed for a new Strategic Initiatives Reserve?

The Strategic Initiatives Reserve will fund six priority projects, which serve as a foundation for moving forward with implementing the 2012-16 corporate strategic plan.

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