Corporate Administrative Plan

2016-2018 Corporate Administrative Plan

Our 2016-18 Plan will deliver excellent public services that are financially sustainable, continuously improved and modernized to meet resident expectations.

Our goals

Achieving quality and showing results

Managing our resources to achieve maximum public value

Modernizing our services and how we work

Focusing on what matters: service excellence, innovation and financial stability

We will achieve these goals by providing the right Resources to Our People to deliver Services that make lives better.

Our Services

Delivering municipal services that make lives better.

We will deliver easy access to the services our community needs and provide an exceptional service experience.

Service modernization program

Our objectives
  • The right services delivered in an effective and efficient way
  • Convenient ways to access services
  • Clear quality customer standards that we are consistently achieving
Initiatives (full initiative descriptions)
  • Customer Service Framework
  • Digital Services/myGuelph
  • Accountability & Performance Management Framework
  • Service Review & Improvement Network

Our People

Building a great community together.

Policies and practices that encourage an environment of openness and culture of collaboration to promote employee development, growth and satisfaction.

Leadership and engagement program

Our objectives
  • More opportunities for employee growth and development
  • Front-line staff empowered to lead
  • Culture of openness and collaboration with our community partners
Initiatives (full initiative descriptions)
  • Talent Blueprint
  • Expanded Leadership Charter
  • Culture of Collaboration

Our Resources

Ensuring a solid foundation for a growing city.

A disciplined, long-term approach that ensures financial stability and maximum value from our municipal assets.

Sustainable resources program

Our objectives
  • Plans in place to ensure we get the best value from our municipal assets
  • Well-managed capital projects that respond to growth and city building and excellent public service
  • Long-term financial sustainability
Initiatives (full initiative descriptions)
  • Asset Management Program
  • Long-term Financial Plan
  • Project Management Office and Complex Capital Projects
  • IT Core Business Systems and Records and Information Management