Outdoor Season User Guidelines

Booking hours

  • Unlit parks and sports fields/diamonds may be booked between 7am and dusk.
  • Lit parks and sports fields/diamonds may be booked between 7am and 11pm.
  • Minimum booking length is 2 hours.

Use of lit facilities

  • To allow for maximum facility usage, two time slots are scheduled for each lighted facility per evening: 6:00-8:30pm and 8:30-11:00pm. Lights will remain operational until 11:15pm, only. Games/events must not extend past 11:00pm.
  • Light fees are charged as per the following schedule – 30 minutes prior to monthly average sunset time:
    • May 8:00pm
    • June/July 8:30pm
    • August  8:00pm
    • September 7:30pm
    • October  6:00pm
  • Bookings on non-lighted facilities must conclude by dusk.
  • Lights may take approximately 10 minutes to warm up after being turned on.
  • Lights to be turned on and off using the small box. No access to large breaker boxes is permitted.
  • Be sure to turn lights off following use. Groups will be charged an additional fee if lights are left on.

Sportsfield closures

Using the fields when they are wet and soft will damage them, and may necessitate their closure for periods of time.

  • Sports field staff will make a determination on closure of fields by 2:00 pm. – at which time the Sports Field Status page on the City’s website will be updated.
  • Bookings will be automatically removed from contracts when fields have been closed by the City.
  • 100% compliance is expected when fields are closed by the City.
  • Groups who continue to play on closed or wet fields will be charged and invoiced at the full unsubsidized rate and will be held responsible for the cost of field repairs and any resulting lost revenues; and further, can have their facility permits revoked.
  • If rain begins after 2:00pm, please exercise common sense and responsibility by refraining from using fields. Damaged fields can be closed for extended periods of time to the detriment of other permitted user groups.
  • Groups who refrain from using fields due to poor field conditions and/or weather at their own discretion must notify the City in writing before the end of the next business day in order to receive a credit for the unused time.

General courtesy and care of facilities and communities

  • Please exercise extreme caution and reduce speed when driving to and from sports fields and outdoor facilities in neighbourhoods where children may be playing.
  • Obey all parking and traffic signs when parking on or driving through City streets.
  • Consider carpooling with other team members – this will reduce parking congestion and help the environment.
  • Parking on the grass and/or under trees is unacceptable and subject to ticketing
  • Do not park in signed Fire Route accesses. Vehicles can be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Litter – All facilities have refuse containers. Please ensure that all players, coaches, parents and spectators use them. Post-game litter is unacceptable and reflects poorly on our sports and special events groups
  • Additional cleanup costs may be levied to groups for leaving a facility in an unkempt or littered condition.
  • Property left onsite following field/diamond usage will be confiscated and group will be charged a $75/item removal charge.

Field maintenance schedule

Regular Sports field maintenance is scheduled on a regular basis and occurs from June 1st to September 4 for permitted facilities. Please see “City of Guelph Maintenance Standards”.

  • Additional maintenance (including grooming and lining) may be arranged at additional cost. This service is subject to staff availability.
  • Pre and Post-season maintenance will incur additional costs and will be based on weather conditions and bookings.
  • For safety reasons, no group will groom or rake diamonds using motorized equipment. Hand raking is permitted.
  • Do not trench diamonds for the purpose of draining saturated facilities, as a matter of user group safety. Do not squeegee puddles onto grass. Please squeegee puddles around the infield to dissipate water.
  • If additional staffing is needed, a minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required.


  • Washrooms housed in buildings will be open between May 1 and Thanksgiving Monday 7am-11pm, weather permitting.
  • The City places portable washroom units at many park locations for the duration of the summer. A list of locations is provided upon request.
  • At staff discretion, tournaments and special events may be required to provide additional portolets, or incur the costs of additional servicing to already placed portolets.
  • The City can provide portolets at the daily cost published in the City of Guelph 2017 Rates and Fees Schedule or you may use your own provider. When using your own provider, the provider and placement location must be approved by Parks staff.

Swing gates

  • No access permitted through any swing gate at any time unless authorized by Parks staff. Keys will not be issued.
  • Requests for access must be made at least 5 business days in advance.

Keys and Locks

  • Some outdoor fields/diamonds require keys for access. Please arrange with Public Services – Recreation Support Services to pick up keys prior to first booking. Key deposits are required.
  • Groups will be charged the replacement cost for any locks broken, damaged or lost; along with the labour cost to replace or repair them.
  • If you unlock something – please be sure to lock it up when finished.
  • 2016 keys are due to be returned to Public Services – Recreation Support Services no later than Friday November 25, 2016.

Communal storage boxes and equipment

  • Bases, nets and corner flags are not provided by the City.
  • Storage boxes, bunkers are for communal use. Chalk and chalkers are provided by the City and stored in the communal bunkers.
  • These are provided for your convenience and must be kept locked when not in use.
  • The City accepts no responsibility for items stored in the boxes.
  • All equipment taken from storage boxes must be left on site and put back in good condition before you leave a facility.
  • All items must be removed by the end of the season. Items not removed will be disposed of.

Private storage bunkers

  • Private storage bunkers are available seasonally (May 1 through October 1) at a cost.
  • The City of Guelph will install and maintain the storage units.
  • The City of Guelph will supply the locks and key/combinations and will retain one copy of the key/combo.
  • All items must be removed by the end of the season. Items not removed will be disposed of.


Location specific information

Centennial Enclosure

  • Location to be used to play games only. Corner flags and nets are provided at this location only.

Curling Club

  • All permitted groups must park at back of building, as per the City’s use agreement.

Earl Brimblecombe Diamonds

  • There is no parking at Mitchell Woods PS during school hours or while school events are occurring. Parking at other times may require a Community Use of Schools Permit. Please contact the Board office at 519-822-4420 X 833 for further information.

Hastings Stadium

  • Location to be used to play games only
  • In order to provide the level of maintenance listed on the “Maintenance Standards” schedule, we can only accommodate 1 booking at Hastings per day; unless the first game concludes by 1:00pm and 72 hours’ notice is given. At the users’ discretion, a second booking will be permitted with less than 72 hours’ notice; however maintenance will not be performed.

Howden Crescent Park Soccer Fields

  • Groups using Howden Crescent Park soccer fields are asked to park at the Sir Isaac Brock Public School parking lot which is accessible from Colonial Drive. Please refrain from parking on Howden Crescent.

Sunday bookings on St. John’s/St. James Fields, Track and Diamonds

  • Sunday Church services are from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • Please do not use their parking lot or go into the Church to use washrooms.

Upper Grand District School Board facilities

  • UGDSB facilities must be booked directly through the Board by calling the Board office at 519-822-4420 Ext. 833

After Hours Emergency Contact Number (Extend Communications)

519-837-5626 Parks & Forestry (24/7 call monitoring)

  • Call for urgent issues in parks and outdoor facilities that require immediate action
  • Please have your permit number ready and be prepared to provide as much information as possible about the problem to the operator and a contact number for a return call

Reporting maintenance concerns and issues

Park maintenance concerns can be emailed directly to parks@guelph.ca or telephoned to 519-837-5626.
Thank you for your continued patronage of City of Guelph sports fields and outdoor facilities.
If you have any questions or concerns, we would be very pleased to address them.

Terry Henderson
Supervisor, Sports Fields and Turf Maintenance
Public Services
519-822-1260 extension 2472
Kelley McAlpine
Program Manager, Recreation Support Services
Public Services
519-822-1260 extension 2667