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Whoever loves and understands a garden will find contentment within. Chinese proverb

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What is a community garden?

Community gardens are parcels of land used by neighbourhood residents to grow their own vegetables, herbs, pollinator flowers and/or fruit. They are primarily used in areas where residents do not have any (or suitable) yard space to grow their own gardens. In a community garden, residents are granted an area of land upon which they may grow organic vegetables and flowers. Residents share in both the maintenance and rewards of the garden.

Why have a community garden in your neighbourhood?

Community gardens are important neighbourhood spaces, providing the opportunity for neighbours to meet each other, work together and become cohesive, supportive communities. This aspect of community gardens is especially important for residents who feel isolated, such as new immigrants, or for those affected by poverty, disability or violence. Community gardens make affordable, fresh and healthy produce available for families in Guelph.

Positive outcomes from a community garden

  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle by engaging hobbyists in outdoor physical activity.
  • Allows opportunities for positive social interactions, including inter-generational and cross-cultural connections.
  • Provides the opportunity to grow fresh, nutritious, organic produce.
  • Reduces crime and vandalism.
  • Enriches residents with interactive learning opportunities (e.g. gardening/cooking workshops).
  • Enhances property values by creating more attractive neighbourhoods for people to walk and enjoy life outdoors.
  • a great place to escape from the noise and commotion of everyday urban life

How does a community garden function?

Community GardenCommunity gardens are managed and maintained with the active participation of the gardeners themselves, rather than tended only by a professional staff. Community gardens encourage food production by providing gardeners a place to grow vegetables and other crops. To facilitate this, a community garden may be divided into individual plots or tended in a communal fashion, depending on the size and quality of a garden and the members involved. Guelph’s community gardens will be managed by volunteers.

How to join an existing community garden in Guelph

Check out the locations of existing community gardens and contact the coordinator listed for the garden that you are interested in joining. Each garden is run slightly differently, so the coordinator for that garden are able to tell you more about plot availability, registration details and other ways to get involved.

What if there is no community garden near my neighbourhood?

If you are interested in starting a new community garden in your neighbourhood contact the Community Garden Coordinator. You will be asked to complete the application.

Compete the application below and mail it to Samantha Dupre, Community Stewardship Coordinator, Parks Operations and Forestry, Public Services, City of Guelph 1 Carden St. Guelph ON, N1H 3A1.  Applications must be received by October 31 to begin the selection process for the growing season of the following year.

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