Guelph Map App: 311GIS

Screen shot of Guelph Map App:311GIS

Screen shot of Guelph Map App:311GIS

It’s a new way to use your smartphone, mobile device or desktop to report concerns about parking, wildlife, signs, property maintenance and more.

You can report a problem on the spot, attach pictures or videos, and get updates about the City’s response. You can also see if other people are reporting similar problems in your neighbourhood, or across town.

The website and app are free for you to use. Set up your login and password now, so when you see a problem, you can report a problem.

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Interactive mapping

Use the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) to find an address, City facility or school. See which ward you’re in. Determine your waste collection day and which neighbourhood group services your area. Learn which roads are closed and more.

Note to Internet Explorer (IE) 9 users: In order to view the application properly, you must turn on Compatibility View. To do this, select Tools from the Menu Bar and click Compatibility View. You only have to do this the first time you visit the application; the view is stored for all future sessions.

Geographic Information System

Printable maps

For your convenience, a variety of maps are also available in PDF format

The everything map!

  • Street index
  • Guelph Transit routes
  • City facilities
  • Roads
  • Boundaries
  • Trails
  • Conservation areas
  • Bike routes
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Railways
  • Points of interest



Street maps
 Map  Last Updated
 City of Guelph Street Map  January 29, 2014
 Downtown Guelph street map  March 1, 2013
Attractions and points of interest
 Map  Last updated
 Guelph Visitor Map  JUNE 19, 2009
 Downtown and U oF G Visitor Map  JUNE 19, 2009
Trail Maps
 Map Last updated
 All Guelph trails  January 27, 2009
 CNR Spurline Trail  May 6, 2013
 Downtown Trail Map  May 6, 2013
 Eramosa River Trail  January 27, 2009
 Hanlon Creek Trail  October 6, 2000
 Laura Baily Memorial Trail  January 27, 2009
 Silvercreek Trail  October 6, 2000
 Speed River Trail  May 6, 2013
 Watson Creek Trail  March 13, 2013
 Guelph Cycling map March 2014
 Map  Last updated
 Benchmarks  January 29, 2014
Truck routes
 Map Last updated
 Permissive Truck Routes  April 12, 2012
 Permissive Truck Routes – Half Loads  April 12, 2012
Ward maps
 Map  Last updated
 Street map with ward boundaries  August 10, 2003
Waste Collection Map
 Map  Last updated
 Waste Collection Map   January, 2017
Winter control maps
 Map  Last updated
Primary and Secondary Salt Routes October 2016
 Residential Sand Routes January 2016
 Sidewalk Plowing Routes  November 2014

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