Traffic management

Neighbourhood Traffic Management Policy

Policy Statement 

The Neighbourhood Traffic Management Policy was developed to address traffic concerns regarding speeding, traffic short-cutting through residential neighbourhoods and concerns for safety of more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and the disabled.

When traffic concerns meet policy criteria for a review, City staff work with neighbourhood residents in a consultative manner to develop a traffic management plan that addresses concerns. The plan may incorporate both traditional traffic control measures such as stop signs and warning signs, or physical (traffic calming) measures such as road narrowings and landscaping.

This policy applies to local and two-lane collector streets in neighbourhoods of primarily residential land use only. The policy and procedures contained within this document do not apply to arterial or four-lane collector roadways. This ensures that we maintain the primary function of these types of roadways: to move traffic in, out and through our city.

Traffic Management Policy

Current traffic management reviews

The Traffic Management Policy is scheduled for review in 2017.

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The Traffic Management Policy is scheduled for review in 2017.