Parking – frequently asked questions

My driveway is being repaired / sealed. Where should I park?

If you’re not able to park in your driveway due to repairs taking place or driveway sealing and need an alternative parking location, please call our Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement Office prior to parking on the street. We’ll make alternate arrangements as possible.

Where do I pay my parking fine?

Pay online, by phone or by mail.

I’m having guests overnight and don’t want them to get a ticket. Are exemptions available?

Overnight guest parking exemptions are available year round (2 – 6 a.m.) under certain conditions. Contact us by calling our automated line at 519-836-PASS (7277) or applying online for a parking exemption. Please be advised that, unless otherwise signed, overnight parking is permitted city wide from April 1 to November 30. Please also note that the maximum amount of time that a vehicle may park on-street is 48 consecutive hours.

I have a question about the City’s Parking Bylaws and/or I require parking enforcement. Who should I contact?

Contact our Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement office at 519-836-7275 – 24 hours a day!

How much does it cost to park in City lots?

View the municipal parking lot information.

How much does it cost to park on downtown streets?

View the downtown on-street parking information.

Does the City provide parking for GO Transit users?

GO Transit did not require the City to provide parking for its customers. GO Transit users must pay for parking or purchase a monthly parking permit when parking downtown.

Are the City’s parking rates comparable to those of other municipalities?

Guelph’s special event and monthly permit parking rates are similar to or lower than the median for parking fees when compared to other municipalities.

Who should I contact for information about parking downtown?

For general information, a monthly parking permit or parking rates, please call the Parking office at 519-822-1260 extension 2888. You can also request a downtown parking permit online.