Guelph Transit Route 12 General Hospital

Effective January 7, 2018

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Service advisories

Check advisories regularly for news and information on service detours and other important events or issues that may affect your commute.

Current advisories

Detour: Route 12 – July 30, 2018 until further notice
July 30, 2018-October 1, 2018

Detours: Safe Semester 2018
September 7, 2018-September 29, 2018

Upcoming advisories

Route description

From Guelph Central Station Platform 22

Continue on Macdonell Street
Left on Woolwich Street
Right on Eramosa Road
Left on Delhi Street
Right on Emma Street
Left on Stevenson Street North
Right on Speedvale Avenue East
Left on Victoria Road North
Left on Woodlawn Road East
Left on Inverness Drive
Right on Windsor Street
Right on Waverley Drive
Left on Metcalfe Street
Right on Speedvale Avenue East
Left on Delhi Street
Right on Eramosa Road
Continue on Wyndham Street North
Left on Carden Street
End at Guelph Central Station Platform 19

Transferring at Guelph Central Station

Route 12 General Hospital will become Route 10 Imperial when arriving at Guelph Central Station.

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