Take it back directory

Guelph’s Take It Back directory provides a convenient, one-stop source of information for residents looking to get rid of unwanted items. The directory connects residents to businesses and organizations that will reuse, recycle, or safely dispose of the unwanted material.

To get started, click on a category in the list and select an item to find a list of businesses and organizations that will take back that particular item. You can then contact the business or organization or visit its website for hours of operation and information about the accepted materials and drop-off procedures.

Most of the organizations require the material to be dropped off. Some organizations will pick up material, while others allow you to mail material to them.

Check out Anything and Everything for a list of online exchanges. These websites allow you to post items you want to give away or sell as well as search for materials you need or want.

Waste minimization is a key focus of the Solid Waste Management Master Plan. The Take It Back directory is one of the waste minimization initiatives the City is undertaking to help reach the waste diversion targets outlined in the Master Plan. The goal of the Take It Back directory is to provide convenient, alternative disposal options to prevent items from going to landfill.

Please note that if you have Household Hazardous Waste that is not listed in the Take It Back directory, it must be brought to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot at 110 Dunlop Dr.

Information for Retailers and Organizations

New participants are welcome to join the list of businesses and organizations in Guelph that allow residents to return items to ensure they are reused, recycled or disposed of in the proper, environmentally safe way. There is no cost to join the directory. New categories and items are also welcome to the directory as the City of Guelph is always interested in expanding the list of materials.

Benefits of participating in the Take It Back directory

Participants of the Take It Back directory will be contributing to protecting the environment and participating in the community of Guelph. The online listings promoted throughout the City will increase awareness of your business or organization.

The City of Guelph will provide partners with promotional material for the Take It Back directory. The material will include:

  • Take It Back poster to display in-store
  • Promotional brochure for customers
  • Listing in the Take It Back online directory > guelph.ca/takeitback

Terms and conditions for participating

To participate in the Take It Back directory your business or organization must complete and sign the Take It Back Registration Form. By signing the form, you are committing to reusing, recycling or safely disposing of material collected as indicated on the form and website. In signing the form, the business or organization also recognizes that the City of Guelph will not be handling any of the waste that is collected at the business or organization.

Sign up!

If you are a business or organization that receives recyclable and/or reusable material and would like to be added to the Take It Back directory, please fill out a registration form and fax it to 519-767-1660. It does not cost anything to register, so fill out a form and send it in!

Take it Back Directory Registration Form

For more information or to update your existing listing call 519-767-0598 or e-mail waste@guelph.ca.


  • “Take it Back” is for residential customers only.
  • Call the business or organization in advance of returning items.
  • Items must be returned or dropped off during regular business or organization hours.
  • A small handling fee may apply (determined by the business or organization).
  • Quantities may be limited (determined by the business or organization).
  • The list of participating businesses and organizations is subject to change without notice.
  • Please do not leave materials outside the door of the different locations.

For more information

Solid Waste Resources
TTY: 519-826-9771