Planet Protector Academy

The Planet Protector Academy encourages students to become apprentice Planet Protectors and go home on superhero missions to change their family’s water, energy and transportation habits. Parents report through their children’s Mission Books on the change in their family’s behaviour resulting from the program.

Goals of the program

Planet Protector Academy’s mission is to engage children to be family leaders and advocates for targeted behavior changes such as conserving electricity, reducing water use, and practicing sustainable transportation habits. Planet Protector Academy supports the City’s ongoing efforts to engage and educate our community about energy and water conservation, and sustainable transportation options. The program also ties into existing curriculum seamlessly to make facilitate delivery attractive by teachers and administrators.

Planet Protector Academy is delivered by DreamRider Productions through the Upper Grand District School Board and the Wellington Catholic District School Board. The program has been piloted and implemented with funding support from the City of Guelph.

Image shows students playing the Planet Protector Academy buzzer game in a classroom setting

The Planet Protector Academy makes learning fun and engaging with interactive games


For more information


Alex Chapman, Corporate Energy Program Manager
822-1260 extension 3324


Jennifer Gilks, Water Conservation Program Coordinator
822-1260 extension 2189


Jennifer Juste, Transportation Demand Management Coordinator
822-1260 extension 2791