School Education Programs – Grade 2 and 8

Let us teach your students just how easy water conservation can be! The City of Guelph is booking free, interactive, in-class water conservation presentations for grade 2 and 8 classes located within the City of Guelph. Presentations for each grade have been developed in consultation with the Upper Grand District School Board and Wellington Catholic District School Board, and link directly to requirements of the Ontario Science and Technology and Social Studies Educational Curriculum. Each program also contributes points toward the Ontario EcoSchools Program.

Book your classroom visit

Fall 2018 classroom visits are currently unavailable. We are booking for Winter 2019.

Contact the City’s Water Conservation Coordinator at 519-837-5627
Classroom visits are booked on a first-come-first-served basis and are dependent on staff availability.

Grade 2 Water Conservation Program

Ella Annis CWWA representative from the City of Guelph’s water conservation team will visit your grade 2 classroom and present on a variety of topics including how we can conserve water, the water cycle, where our water comes from, how it gets to our house, how we treat it, and what water towers are for. Then students are lead through an engaging and interactive life-size game called Thrills and Spills. Students are asked to complete a water conservation footprint pledge (shown in picture) and they receive a toothbrush with the message to turn the tap of when brushing teeth. The presentation is approximately 75 minutes long and focuses on water conservation, water quality and water protection all related to the Grade 2 curriculum

Grade 8 Water Conservation Program

A representative from the City of Guelph’s water conservation team will visit your grade 8 class and lead students through an interactive water conservation presentation and exercise to evaluate their personal water consumption via a week long water footprint.

School presentation

As part of the exercise, students will complete a personal in-class water audit and then receive a second copy of the audit form to complete at home. Students will graph their own daily water consumption, compare their consumption to average water consumption in other countries, and identify possible actions they can take to reduce their water footprint.

The classroom visit also includes an interactive trivia game, during which students work together to better understand the value of fresh water and brainstorm ways to reduce their own water consumption. Each student goes home with a City of Guelph 5-minute shower timer to help remind them to take shorter showers. The visit is delivered in either a 60-minute or 100-minute presentation at the choice of the teacher.