Youth water festivals and events

Waterloo Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival

Waterloo Wellington Childrens Groundwater Festival brochureThe Waterloo Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival annually educates up to 5,000 students in grades 2 through 5 about the importance of water in their daily lives. Through fun and interactive activities volunteers teach students to respect and conserve our valuable water resources.

The Festival has over 52 hands-on activity centres that challenge students to consider the importance of water to themselves, their families and to their community. Since 1996 more than 80,000 students have attended this important annual week-long event. For additional information, or to sign up please follow the link below:

Childrens Groundwater Festival
Children playing with the exhibits at the fesitval

Waterloo Wellington Children’s Groundwater Festival


H2Awesome is a one day engaging celebration about water conservation and the importance of this precious resource. This conference includes a series of speakers as well as over 20 different hands-on workshop series that focus on a variety of different learning styles from the arts to science and technology. It is provided to all grade 8 students in the City of Guelph as a direct link and relevance to the grade 8 science curriculum (Understanding Earth and Space Systems: Water Systems).

Children painting at H2Awesome
Children listening to a speaker at H2Awesome


Children viewing an exhibit at H2Awesome
Children drumming on buckets at H2Awesome

Water events

Wacky Water Week

Water education for the entire family!

During the week of March break, the City celebrates water through educational activities and games. Kids can come to the Guelph public libraries to learn about how Guelph gets its drinking water, the water cycle, how to conserve water at home, pollution prevention and storm water management.

This includes games, stickers, prices, and more!

H2O Go Festival

H2O Go is a free, family-friendly event the City hosts around World Water Day in March every year. Visit for more detailed information about the specific date, location and activities happening each year.