Stormwater service fee

Starting January 2017, Guelph residents and businesses will pay for stormwater services through Guelph Hydro bills instead of property taxes.

Like many other municipalities, Guelph is faced with the problem of aging infrastructure, climate-driven changes and increasing hard surfaces. Our existing stormwater management system needs upgrades, especially as we face more severe storm events.

Stormwater management helps protect our community from floods and pollution in our rivers.

The stormwater service fee, approved by Council on March 21, 2016 after more than two years of study, will provide dedicated funding for this critical service.

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Image shows rain falling on umbrellas and down a stormwater drain

What does stormwater management cost?

Image shows the annual costs, current budget and funding gap for stormwater services

We need more than $6 million to manage our stormwater system each year. This includes operations, upgrades and maintenance.

Historically, only about $2 million has been budgeted through property taxes each year.

That leaves a $4 million funding gap for a service that helps protect our community from flooding and pollution.

The stormwater service fee will provide dedicated funding for stormwater services, and help us close the funding gap.

Note: These dollar amounts appear in the 2012 and 2015 Sustainable Infrastructure Report and Infrastructure Scorecard, and will change over time.

Did you know?

Guelph’s 477km of storm sewer pipes could reach past Sudbury!
a map showing 475km of storm sewer pipes could reaching past Sudbury

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