Source Water Protection Program

The City of Guelph is committed to ensuring clean, safe drinking water for our citizens — today, and into the future. The Source Water Protection Program, managed under Ontario’s Clean Water Act, is a key initiative in delivering on this commitment.

Source Water Protection and the Clean Water Act

Read about the history of source water protection, the City’s role, and what’s next.

Source water protection


Planning and policies
  • How does the source protection planning process work?
  • How did the City decide what policies to develop?
  • Can I read what has been proposed?

Planning and policies


How can I help?

From conserving water to proper disposal of hazardous waste, here are some tips on what you can do to help protect our water.

Tips for everyone

Guelph’s Water Supply
  • Where does the City’s water come from?
  • What does this mean for source water protection in Guelph?

Guelph’s water supply


Frequently asked questions
  • What is source water?
  • Who is responsible for protecting our water?
  • How will this affect me?



Resources and links

Find property owner resources, background information, helpful links and contact information.

More resources

Source water protection annual reports

For more information

Source Water Protection Program
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