Showcasing Water Innovation

In April 2011 the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC, then the Ministry of the Environment) introduced the Showcasing Water Innovation (SWI) program as a complement to the Ontario Water Opportunities and Conservation Act. This Act, passed in the Ontario Legislature in November 2010, aims to help conserve our water supplies, sustain our valuable water infrastructure, and make Ontario the North American leader in the development and sale of new technologies and services for water conservation and treatment. The SWI program was created to encourage the early adoption of innovative and cost effective approaches and technologies for advancing integrated sustainable water management. The objective of SWI was to fund a small number of projects in a representative set of Ontario communities that:

  • Showcase integrated and sustainable water technologies, services, practices or a combination of these; 
  • Produce results and knowledge that are applicable to other communities in Ontario; 
  • Demonstrate the positive impacts of collaboration through partnerships; and 
  • Provide opportunities for demonstrating the market potential and success of innovative technologies and practices in real community settings.

Through this program a call for applications was introduced by the MOECC in the spring of 2011 with successful project applications eligible to receive funding for up to 50 per cent of eligible project costs to a maximum of $1 million. In total, the program aimed to invest $17 million in provincial funding over a three year period to assist communities across Ontario to use innovative practices and new water technologies to manage their water.

In response to the MOECC’s SWI grant funding announcement in April 2011, the City of Guelph’s Water Services and Wastewater Services departments submitted three project funding applications for consideration. In December 2011, Water Services and Wastewater Services received confirmation that all three funding applications had been selected for funding through the SWI program. The City of Guelph would like to sincerely thank the Government of Ontario for the funding support received for these projects.

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For more information on the Showcasing Water Innovation Program please visit the Province of Ontario’s website.

These projects have received funding support from the Government of Ontario. Such support does not indicate endorsement by the Government of Ontario of the contents of this material.

City of Guelph Showcasing Water Innovation Projects

1. Bus Wash Rainwater Harvesting and Rinse Water Recirculation Project

Project Lead: City of Guelph – Water Services Department
Project Partners: Enviro-Stewards Inc., Walkerton Clean Water Centre

Project objective

The objective of this Project was to reduce potable water consumption and wash chemical requirements at the current Guelph Transit facility through the integration of a Rain Water Harvesting System within its current bus wash process to supplement wash water needs. Furthermore this project endeavored to provide an innovative technological water conservation solution which could be replicated by other transit utilities in small/medium sized municipalities by best matching of water quality to water use task.

Project outputs

2 MBSWI Case Study Presentation – English 2 MBSWI Case Study Presentation – French

Project contacts

Wayne Galliher, A.Sc.T.
Manager of Technical Services
Water Services Department, City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2106
Ed del Rosso, P. Eng.
Associate Senior Engineer
Enviro-Stewards Inc.
519-578-5100 extension 24

2. Water System Efficiency Upgrade: Monitoring, Predicting and Improving

Project Lead: City of Guelph – Water Services Department
Project Partners: Township of Centre Wellington, Municipality of Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission, C3 Water Inc., Eramosa Engineering Inc., Hydrant Network Solutions Inc.

Project objectives

The main purpose of this project is to improve efficiency in the provision of drinking water to the Guelph community, which is defined as:

  • An initial 10 per cent decrease in electricity use, equating to a benefit of approximately $100,000/yr. and a reduction of 337,000 kg CO2 emissions annually;
  • A 2 percent reduction in water losses, or 324,886 m3/yr; and
  • Water distribution permanent pressure monitoring installations developed and patented in Ontario with a significant reduction in cost compared to the traditional cost for permanent pressure monitoring installations.

Project outputs

District Metered Area (DMA) construction2 MBSWI Water System Efficiency Upgrade – English1 MBSWI Water System Efficiency Upgrade – French

Project contacts

Matt Phillips, P.Eng.
Supervisor of Operations and Maintenance
City of Guelph Water Services
519-822-1260 ext. 2152
Dennis Mutti, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
C3 Water, a C3 Group Company


Wayne Galliher, A.Sc.T.
Manager of Technical Services
City of Guelph Water Services
519-822-1260 ext. 2106

3. Implementation of full-scale Anammox microorganisms to remove Ammonia in Wastewater Effluent

Project Lead: City of Guelph – Wastewater Services Department
Project Partners: CH2MHILL Consulting Engineers

Project objective

The purpose of this Project is to construct a full-scale Sidestream treatment process which will utilize the growth of Anammox organisms to remove ammonia in the Filtrate from Dewatering facility so as to (a) improve the reliability with which the Recipient WWTP meets its effluent ammonia target and (b) reduce operational costs associated with the aeration requirements to remove ammonia. An additional objective of this Project is to enable the team to investigate, at pilot-scale, the effectiveness of seeding Anammox organisms grown in the Sidestream process into a Mainstream reactor operated in a temperature range of 10 to 20°C.

Project outputs

736 kBSWI Anammox Case Study – English377 kBSWI Anammox Case Study – French

Project contacts

Kiran Suresh
Plant Manager, Wastewater Services
City of Guelph
519-822-1260 extension 2960
Jamie Jupp, M.Eng., P.Eng.
Geographic Market Leader, Canada East
CH2MHILL Canada Limited
519-579-3500 extension 73202

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