Smart Wash Washing Machine Rebate

The Smart Wash rebate program is being discontinued as of December 31, 2016!

City of Guelph residents can still get a $100 rebate for replacing an old, top-loading washing machine with a new ENERGY STAR®-qualified washing machine for a limited time.

New washing machines must be purchased on or before December 31, 2016 to qualify. Residents have until March 31, 2017 to apply for their $100 rebate (one rebate per household).

Why is the City discontinuing the Smart Wash washing machine rebate program?

The Smart Wash rebate program will be discontinued as of December 31, 2016 following the update to the Water Efficiency Strategy. The decision to discontinue this rebate program resulted from noted changes in the market place. Most washing machines on the market today are both water and energy efficient. Replacement of inefficient top-loading machines with more efficient models no longer requires an incentive to motivate replacement.

Residential Smart Wash Rebate Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Facility Smart Wash Rebate Application FormMulti-residential Building Smart Wash Rebate Application Form

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Smart Wash Washing Machine Rebate Program

Wash clean, wash green with the Smart Wash Washing Machine Rebate Program

Save up to $100 a year on water bills with a high-efficiency (HE) washing machine. Replace your old, top-loading washing machine with a new ENERGY STAR®-qualified washing machine and you’ll also receive a $100 rebate from the City of Guelph.

Need more reasons to switch to a high-efficiency washer?

  • High-efficiency means less energy used and more money saved!
  • Front-loading washers typically use less detergent than top-loading models.
  • Front-loading washers are gentler on your clothes, meaning less wear and tear.

Washing Machine Payback Period

Washing machine payback period

High-efficiency, front-loading washing machines pay you back faster than standard top-loading machines (112 versus 126 months, based on a $999 High-efficiency front-loading washer and a $699 Standard top-loading washer)

Eligible washing machines

Only washers with a Water Factor of 3.8 or less qualify for the Smart Wash rebate. To determine your washing machine’s Water Factor and to see which models will qualify for a rebate, search the links below:


How to apply for the residential Smart Wash rebate

  • Buy and install a new high-efficiency ENERGY STAR qualified washing machine to replace your old top-loading model.
  • Complete the Smart Wash rebate application form. Any missing information will delay your rebate.
  • Provide a copy of the original, dated sales receipt as proof of purchase.
  • Provide proof of disposal (receipt or invoice) of your old washing machine.
  • Be available for an inspection. The City of Guelph reserves the right to withhold the rebate based on inspection results.
  • Enjoy your water and energy savings! Once your application has been approved the rebate amount will be credited to your hydro account within 12 weeks.

Please note: A limited number of rebates are available. Rebates are only available to Guelph residents, and properties connected to the City of Guelph Municipal Water System.

Industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential rebates

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Facility Smart Wash Rebate Application FormMulti-residential Building Smart Wash Rebate Application Form


A high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR washing machine:

  • uses 35 to 50 per cent less water*
  • uses up to 50 per cent less energy*
  • removes more water from your clothes during the spin cycle, reducing your drying time
  • Is gentler on clothes
  • Uses less detergent

* Compared to traditional top-loading models (Source: Natural Resources Canada)

Tips for using your new washing machine

  • Be sure to read your new appliance’s owner’s manual; it’s full of hints to help you operate your washing machine at optimum efficiency.
  • Use the right detergent. High efficiency washing machines require a special HE detergent that creates fewer suds. Excess suds can overflow and damage HE washing machines. Refer to the user manual for more information.
  • Wash full loads whenever possible. If a partial load is necessary, be sure to adjust the water-level control.
  • Pre-treat stains to avoid rewashing.
  • Use the shortest wash cycle for lightly soiled loads.
  • Check your washing machine hoses regularly for cracks that could result in leaks.
  • Wash your clothes in cold or warm water. Between 85-90% of the energy used by washing machines is for heating the water. You can save energy and money by lowering the water temperature.*

* Ontario Ministry of Energy

Frequently asked questions

Guelph residents who replace conventional, top-loading washing machines with an approved ENERGY STAR® qualified washing machine are eligible for the Smart Wash rebate.

Residents must be connected to the municipal water system. Rebates are limited to one per household.

The City of Guelph does not issue cheques to rebate applicants. The rebate amount will be credited to the applicant’s hydro account. As soon as the application form and receipt is received, the City will verify and process the application information. Once the application is approved, the rebate amount will be credited on the applicant’s hydro bill within ten to twelve weeks, depending on the applicant’s billing cycle.
Drop it off at the Waste Resource Innovation Centre Public Drop-off, a $20 fee applies.Arrange for curbside collection using the user-pay Bulky Item Collection Program. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Once you have your ticket, call 519-767-0598 to arrange for pick-up.

Old appliances that are sent to the Waste Resource Innovation Centre are properly disposed of and all reusable materials that can be recovered are recycled.

No, you can purchase your washing machine outside of Guelph. Guelph retailers are aware of the Smart Wash program, have application forms in-store and will be able to help you select a washing machine that qualifies for the Smart Wash rebate. Qualified models in Guelph retail stores are also labelled with Smart Wash decals among other in-store advertising.While all ENERGY STAR® qualified washing machines save water and energy, the City of Guelph recommends ENERGY STAR® models that have a water factor of 6.0 or less. For a listing of water efficient models, please visit the Natural Resources Canada site and the Consortium for Energy Efficiency site.
The City’s list of qualified washing machines features ENERGY STAR® rated models. ENERGY STAR qualified washing machines use 35 to 50 per cent less water and at least 50 per cent less energy per load than traditional, top-loading models.Some washers save more water and energy than others. If you are looking to purchase an ENERGY STAR® washing machine, the following Natural Resources Canada and Consortium for Energy Efficiency sites list models that have better water and energy efficiency ratings.

The EnerGuide rating is the approximate electricity the appliance will use over the course of one year. A washing machine’s annual energy consumption is calculated by multiplying the per cycle energy consumption by 392-the estimated number of times a washing machine is used in one year by an average household. The lower the rating, the more energy efficient the washing machine.

In 2007, a new Water Factor (WF) criteria was introduced to ensure that ENERGY STAR rated washing machines are water efficient, as well as energy efficient. To be eligible for the ENERGY STAR symbol, washing machines are required to have a maximum WF of 1.07 L/cycle per litre of tub capacity (8.0 gal/cycle/cu. ft.). Water Factor is calculated by dividing the litres of water consumed per cycle by the litres of drum capacity. The lower the WF, the less water used per cycle.

For more information visit the ENERGY STAR Canada website.

In most front-loading HE models, you will need to use special HE soap which creates less suds. You will not have to use as much soap as you would in a normal machine, however. For more information refer to the washing machine user manual.
A limited number of rebates are available for the program. Rebates will be issued on a first come, first serve basis.The City reserves the right to alter or cancel this Program at any time.