Residential Sub-Water Meter Program

Receive a rebate for sub-meter installation

Rebates toward the purchase and installation of sub-meters are available for residential buildings including rental apartment buildings, condominiums and single-family homes. Using sub-meters to monitor water use helps notify property owners and managers if individual units have high water demands that might indicate:

  • Leaks
  • Inefficient plumbing products
  • Wasteful water use habits


The City of Guelph will rebate $125 for each permanently installed sub-water meter. This type of sub-meter can be installed in a single-family home or each unit of a multi-residential building of 6 units or more. The sub-meter must be installed by a licensed plumber. To qualify for a rebate, permanent sub-meters must meet or exceed American Water Works Association (AWWA) and NSF International standards (NSF/ANSI 61).

The City of Guelph will rebate $100 for each add-on sub-water meter (e.g. temporary meter) with smart technology. This type of sub-meter can be installed in a home or residential unit, such as a basement apartment. For add-on sub-meters with smart technology, only one rebate is available per municipal meter per building.


Residential buildings qualify for rebates if they are:

  • Located within the City of Guelph limits
  • Hold an active City of Guelph water account
  • You purchased your sub-water meter on or after January 1, 2018
  • For buildings of six (6) units or more with an average water demand of more than 130 cubic metres (m3) per unit per year you must complete a Multi-residential Water Audit

If your building has six (6) units or more and you require assistance please contact Water Services at or call 519-837-5627.

To apply for the rebate, please submit the online application with uploaded proof of purchase (for example, a store receipt) and proof of installation (for example, the plumber’s invoice). For add-on sub-meter rebates, only a proof of purchase along with the completed application is necessary.

The City of Guelph will contact you within five (5) business days after receiving the documents.

Your rebate will be credited to the water portion of your Guelph Hydro bill 8-10 weeks after it is approved. Missing information will delay your rebate.

Apply today

Permanent sub-meter rebate

Add-on sub-meter rebate

If you require the above documents in an alternate format please contact 519-822-1260 extension 2633.

Frequently asked questions

A sub-water meter allows you to measure the water consumption in each individual residential unit, such as an apartment or a home that may have multiple tenants (e.g. basement apartment). There are two types of sub-water meters: permanent and temporary/add-on.

There are two parts to the rebate program:

  • a rebate of $125 for each permanent sub-meter installed in each unit of a multi-unit building of 6 units or more and single-family homes
  • a rebate of $100 for a temporary sub-meter installed in a home or residential unit, such as a basement apartment.
The municipal water meter—typically one per property for single-family home—monitors water use for billing purposes. A sub-meter can be used in each apartment or residential unit in a home (e.g. basement apartment). Most sub-meters have the ability to send data 24-hours-a-day directly to your smartphone or desktop showing water use in real-time. Also, some sub-meters offer an option of an auto-shut off if a possible leak is detected in your home. The shut off can be done remotely when you are not home.
There are two types of sub-water meters: permanent and temporary/add-on. A temporary sub-meter can be installed without a plumber and is attached onto an existing in-line water meter. It can be removed at any time. A permanent sub-meter requires assistance from a licensed plumber to install.
The cost range for a permanent sub-water meter is approximately $250-$500 and approximately $250-$350 for a temporary/add-on sub-water meter.  There may be an additional cost for a monthly monitoring contract depending on the supplier. Please consult with your sub-water meter supplier for details.

There is usually a monthly cost to get the monitoring data(digital data) that tracks your water use. The average monthly cost varies depending on the supplier.

Of the systems on the market that we are aware of the typical monthly fee is between $7-20.

You own your sub-water meter.
No. It is not City property and the City will not bill for water use based on sub-water meter readings.

The purpose of using a sub-water meter is to monitor your water use to conserve water, control your water costs and mediate risk of flooding due to leaks.For temporary/add-on sub-meters, you will be able to monitor real-time water use data directly through a smart phone app or desktop website. This data can let you know if you have a leak. If you’re not home, for example, and water is running, you’ll know right away and can shut off your water remotely. Some insurance companies may even offer a discount on your home insurance rates for having sub-meters installed (consult your insurance company).

A sub-meter is a cost and damage saving option for residents interested in saving money and preventing possible flood damage.

No, the City does not have access to the information from your sub-water meter.
No, a sub-water meter is not like a smart meter. A sub-water meter is not used for billing purposes.
Sub-water meters can be purchased at select hardware stores in Guelph, as well as from Alert Labs and Eddy Home. The City of Guelph does not endorse any of these retailers or any of their products, services or prices and has not confirmed that these retailers carry products that qualify for rebate through the Residential Sub-water Meter Program.

For more information

Water Services
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