Water Smart Business

In 2015, Guelph’s industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) sector accounted for approximately 47 per cent of daily water use in Guelph. The City’s current Water Efficiency Strategy aims to reduce water use in the ICI sector by 1,135,700 litres of water per day.

Saving water at your place of business doesn’t always mean making drastic changes to operations or taking on large-scale renovations projects. Even small changes can add up to big savings on water use – and bills.

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Capacity (ICI) Buyback Program

The City of Guelph’s Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Capacity Buyback Program provides ICI water consumers financial assistance for water use facility audits and potential one time financial incentives for the implementation of capital retrofits to permanently reduce water use at their respective place of business.

ICI Capacity Buyback Program Participant Application Form

Program participant eligibility

Through the program the City hopes to promote the ongoing sustainability of local business by reducing ongoing water utility costs and introduce a platform to showcase the environmental stewardship efforts undertaken by the city’s corporate citizens.

To be eligible to participate in the Program potential participants must:

  • be located in the City of Guelph;
  • have a water account administered by the City and be connected to a municipal water supply;
  • be classified by the City as an industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) building (office, retail outlet, hotel, hospital, factory, warehouse, manufacturing, government, school etc.);
  • submit the completed application form as required for each program; and
  • have not previously received funding under the ICI Capacity Buyback Program for the retrofit project of interest.

Please note that applications for the Program will be acted upon on a first-come, first-served basis and are contingent upon the availability of annual program funding. The City of Guelph reserves the right to accept or reject, at its sole discretion, any application or any part thereof.

Program documentation

ICI Capacity Buyback Program terms and conditions

Program participants

In 2007 the first ICI Capacity Buyback Program water efficiency retrofit was completed at the University of Guelph.

ICI Capacity Buyback Program – Case Study University of Guelph

Water Smart Business

Royal Flush Toilet Rebate Program

Based on the number of employees and visitors your place of business accommodates each day, significant water use and utility savings may be as simple as replacing older toilets in your workplace. Find out how you can receive a rebate of $50 for replacing inefficient toilets with an approved low-flush model.

Royal Flush Rebate Program

More great water conservation tips

  • Install low-flow water sprayers and faucet aerators.
  • Fix drips, a drip every second from your hot water tap will fill a bathtub 16 times in just a month. Replace worn washers and valve seats to keep water use down. visit guelph.ca/fix-a-leak to find out how to use your water meter to check for leaks
  • Sweep driveways and walkways with a broom instead of using water from a hose.
  • Operate decorative fountains only when you are there to enjoy them.
  • Make sure your fountain recirculates water.
  • Position your sprinklers to avoid watering patios, driveways and walkways.
  • Install a timer and rain sensor on your sprinkler system to ensure that you aren’t watering when you don’t need to be.

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