“The Colour of Stone” by Adrienne Hall and Owen McCabe

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The Colour of Stone by Adrienne Hall and Owen McCabe

The Colour of Stone by Adrienne Hall & Owen McCabe

This installation takes a closer look at one of Guelph’s most ubiquitous and important natural materials – limestone.

Guelph is a city built both on and from its bedrock. Following its founding in 1827, Guelph’s growth was fuelled by limestone. Local quarries supplied a steady stream of rock that became the building block for some of the City’s most celebrated buildings – from the Church of Our Lady to stonemason cottages. Over one hundred and fifty years later, limestone architecture remains an integral part of the cityscape.

“The Colour of Stone” provides an abstract interpretation of the seemingly uniform colour of this local material in a subtle mosaic of coloured panels sampled from various limestone buildings in Guelph.

About the artists

Adrienne Hall

Adrienne Hall is an artist and designer practicing in Southern Ontario. Through installation, research, and writing, she creates work that explores individual and collective relationships to place and landscape, investigating perception, experience, self and sense of place. Adrienne received her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph.

Instagram: @adrienne_ps

Owen McCabe

Owen McCabe is a planner practicing at the regional-scale in the Greater Toronto Area. He utilizes photography and spatial data to explore urban spaces and their meanings. Owen received a degree in history from the University of Guelph and a degree in planning from Dalhousie University.

Instagram: @owenmccabe