Healthy Landscapes 2014 Community Garden Tour

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Healthy Landscapes 2014 Community Garden Tour
June 29, 2014 11:00 am
June 29, 2014 4:00 pm
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June 12, 2014

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Get inspired!

The self-guided Community Garden Tour features gardens that demonstrate water efficiency, are low maintenance, and include native, pollinator and/or food plants and trees.

Enjoy garden  sales and giveaways  , plus enter for a  chance to win a solar rain barrel pump when you visit all five gardens.

This year,  enjoy the tour by bike with a mapped out cycling route  . Cyclists will get a free gift for participating in the tour by bike.

Each garden will have a giveaway or items for sale and, when you visit all the gardens you can enter for a chance to win the grand prize of a solar rain barrel pump.

Healthy Landscapes logo Download a brochure or pick one up at any of the following locations:

  • City Hall, 1 Carden St.
  • Evergreen Seniors Community Centre, 683 Woolwich St.
  • Guelph Public Library, visit   for branch information
  • Victoria Road Recreation Centre, 151 Victoria Rd. N.
  • Waste Resource Innovation Centre, 110 Dunlop Dr.
  • West End Community Centre, 21 Imperial Rd. S.
  • Brock Road Nursery, 1858 Gordon St
  • Royal City Nursery, 305 Woodlawn Rd. W.

Garden descriptions and locations

Hidden Oasis: 207 Speedvale Avenue East

This garden is designed to meet the needs of the wildlife that inhabits it. Permeable paths connect main areas of the garden including a woodland garden, vegetable garden, pond, butterfly garden, kitchen garden, sitting area, work area, wetland, and streetscape garden. This garden was created to attract and support as many pollinators in as many life cycle stages as possible. A diversity of plant material, variety of plant heights and densities, running water, and seasonal blooming periods fulfil this aim. Many of the plants are labelled with descriptions including the pollinators they attract.

Native plants and bee boxes will be for sale at this garden to help you attract native bees to your yard. Bees help pollinate your vegetable plants for bigger and better production.
Limited parking in the driveway. Additional parking is available on side streets (Marlborough Street).

Foodies Delight: 294 Metcalfe Street

Surrounding this house are low–maintenance flower beds, bird baths and feeders that attract birds year round. Most of the gardens surrounding the house are filled with perennials that are watered through a soaker hose attached to a tiered rain barrel system.

Upon entering the backyard you see a growing and evolving garden. Bordering the front is a wildflower bed filled with colour and fragrance. Then the expansive food garden beyond, with both annual and perennial vegetables. Amid mulch paths are raised beds filled with herbs, lettuce, garlic and onions, and a greenhouse where seeds are overwintered and started in the spring. To one side sits a chicken coop, home to 12 chickens, and a giant tepee, nested beside a row of apple and pear trees, will soon be filled with pole beans. Here, compost is valued like gold and the back of the garden is lined with composters.

The design of this vegetable garden changes on a yearly basis to help with nutrient balance, and disease and pest prevention.

Free recipe books available that showcase the food grown in this garden.
On street

Urban Retreat: 15 Shirley Avenue

This smaller urban lot has been carefully designed to meet many needs. The owner takes great pride in the beauty and functionality of her garden. A small vegetable garden growing heirloom tomatoes, garlic, Egyptian walking onions, loveage, chives and oregano is bordered by hardy, drought–tolerant perennials. There are also edible fruit trees and shrubs including pear, cherry, serviceberry, elderberrry and mulberry.

Five vermi-composters, where red worms quickly turn yard and kitchen waste into useable compost, help feed this garden, and rain barrels provide water to help new plants establish and to supplement water to vegetables as needed. A gold fish pond with aquatic plants creates a home for mating toads, and provides a cool drink for visiting wildlife. You may also catch a glimpse four famous, sweater-wearing residents. These chickens are national fashion celebrities!

Plants and hypertufa (artificial stone) planters will be for sale.
On street.

Urban Forest: 39 Emslie Street

Come and explore this Wisteria–wrapped century home. On a quaint, quiet street you’ll find a backyard oasis with large, old trees that provide habitat for wildlife, help lower utility bills with shade and wind block, and mute surrounding noise.

This yard speaks to the value of trees on urban lots; it gives a language and understanding to living with big plants. This forest oasis helps others see how these urban landscapes are possible, and that naturalization can also be beautiful. Those intimidated about planting big trees in small spaces need only glimpse this garden to shed their inhibitions.

While you’re here, walk around the neighbourhood where you can see 33 different tree species within just 20 yards.

Free small tree giveaway.
Limited parking on one side of street. Parking is available on side streets.

Charming Backyard Haven: 91 Foster Avenue

Over the past four years, this backyard has been—and continues to be—converted from a non-native, weed haven into a multi–use landscape that provides nourishment for both the local wildlife and the homeowners. Here you’ll see an A-frame playhouse that uses an old sail cover and was constructed over an existing concrete slab; a potting shed with a native species green roof designed to hide a neighbouring concrete wall; and raised planters built around the existing deck for easily accessible herbs and produce. Native plants and nectar–producing flowers that bloom from April through October encourage an array of pollinators. A bat house, a number of birdhouses, and bee houses all contribute to promoting biodiversity within this yard.

Free birdhouses.
On Harrison Street. No parking on Foster Street.

For more information

519-822-1260 extension 2107

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