Employee Resources

Part-time and seasonal staff are an important part of our team at the City of Guelph. We want your time with us to be happy, healthy and productive.

You are joining a team that works to demonstrate our corporate values of integrity, excellence and wellness each and every day. These values help us make a difference in the lives of our residents.

We have created some online resources to help our part time and seasonal staff access information when you need it.
Our services
Learn more about our commitment to excellence in customer service in the many services our full and part-time staff provide each day, and how the City of Guelph is being recognized.

My safety
The most important part of your work here at the City of Guelph is your safety. Find information about your orientation, safe work policies, and guidance regarding making a hazard report here.

My workplace
A respectful workplace, where employees feel safe and valued is essential to our staff. This site provides some resources related to City of Guelph and support should you need to talk about your experience here at Guelph.

My pay
Answers questions related to your pay cheque, and provide you with an opportunity to connect with a member of our payroll team.

My attendance
Provides answers related to hours of work and sick time

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